Three Ways to Decorate for the Year of the Dog Without Sacrificing Your Style!

Our loyal four-legged friends have an exciting year on the horizon!  2018 is officially “Year of the Dog”.

In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal. 2018 is an Earth Dog Year where justice, honor, and integrity are in the stars.

Dogs are always a favorite in the home and gift categories, but this is the year to fetch additional doggie décor and gifts!


More than 60 million U.S. households own a dog and they will spend almost $70 billion on pet-related products.  2018 brings the perfect opportunity to celebrate our furry friends — canine and beyond, adopted or still waiting for love to come along — and all the joy, learning, and companionship they bring into our lives!

Here are three tricks to add teeth to your doggie decor!

  1. Typography that declares “Dog Love” is a must. 


  1. Include giftable items that will allow your family and friends to chase after the perfect gift item.

A delightful kitchen towel doubles as a greeting card and makes a thoughtful gift for a hostess with a four-legged loved one.


3. Black and White is a classic combination, sure to keep you out of the doghouse.

Black and white art is always in style.  Use this classic color combination to make a stylish statement.


According to the 2018 Chinese horoscope, dog enthusiasts may discover that doors magically open during this year, cherished friends return from the past, or more than one lover may compete for attention.

May each of you find the inner “dog” in your life!

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