And the color of the year is……….

……….Ultra Violet!

What is “Color of the Year” and who gets to choose it?

The chosen color is a hot topic of conversation each year in the design industry, allowing us all to weigh in with delight or disgust.  Ultra Violet 18-3838 will now be seen in clothing and home goods, and likely be tucked in a few unexpected places this year.

In 1963, Pantone founder Lawrence Herbert created a system for identifying, matching and communicating colors across the print and textile design industries.  His initial work led to the Pantone Matching System book; and more recently, the Color Institute, which makes the often-controversial prediction of what color we’ll be seeing everywhere in the upcoming year.


So, what does Ultra Violet represent in the world today? Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman told The Associated Press, “We are living in complex times. We’re seeing the fear of going forward and how people are reacting to that fear. I see this as very much an optimistic color, an empowering color,”

Purple represents individuality and imagination and evokes creativity. You can expect to begin seeing more shades of violet in store-bought products, art, home décor, food, textiles, and the auto industry.

So, what do you think?  Will you be wearing or decorating with UV Purple this year?

Tell us where you’d love (or hate) to see it!

Want to learn more about how you can use the color of the year in your home or business?

Check out there helpful links  on how to incorporate it into your space.


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